Expert Race



As like most UK Championships we have seen a decline in Expert riders over the recent years, especially towards the end of the season. Unfortunately we have struggled to resolve this issue, so for 2017 we have decided to try something different for Premier Mx. We are going to adopt a ‘Fastest 40′ type format for our main St Blazey Mx Expert race. This will only come into play the earliest if there are 25 or less Experts on the day, it will also be the discretion of the clerk of the course on the day. For example if we had 25 Experts we would take 15 Juniors, the 5 fastest from each qualifying session, who will then go in the Expert Race for the day. These will be classed as ‘Expert Juniors’ for that round. If their are a lesser number of Experts then we may change the amount of Expert Juniors accordingly and evenly.


As always the Experts will have their practice and qualifying session, waiting zone order and be point scored in the race the same way as previous years, in their finish order, not their finish position in the race. The Expert Juniors will also be pointed separately again in their finish order. Prize money will also be paid in the same way. So just like the Over’s classe and the 2Stroke MX1/MX2 class, they will be ran in the same race but scored as separate Championships.


The Junior points scoring system will also be different for 2017. To make it fairer on the front running Junior riders competing for the JCT Developments Junior Championship we are going back to a similar system as all our other races. Except the Juniors will be scored for the top 50 riders. So not only are Junior B racing for Championship points, Junior groups B and C are racing for positions and there will be trophies made by M&H Laser for 1st, 2nd & 3rd overall on the day.